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Challenge 3&4

Buffy...Buffy...Buffy (And a tad of Faith)
Using the quote "Five by Five" or "We Are The Law" make a icon using standard LiveJournal size (100x100) for you morons.
Pictures are as followed: -- Scroll down and go to Season 3, Bad Girls or Consquences. Please link which picture you used as your orginal.
I'm upping this one. **3 Icons per person**
May 23, 2005 at 3PM

Okay, this isn't a icon challenge. More of a banner type thing.
It'll be the banner at the top for next months layout.
Two options
**Buffy the Vampire Slayer** With the quote "Going Through the Motions" it has to have somewhere on it "Deadly Icons"
**Amy Lee** With the quote "Isn't Someone Missing Me" it has to have somewhere on it "Deadly Icons"
I don't care about pictures
You have till June 1, 2005 at 3PM to get'em in ^_^

Good luck!
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